You silly boy

Was meant to study all weekend, right?

Friday: Studied for 3 hours, until my eyelids were hurting. Then I was too tired to sleep, so I played the Xbox for about 2 hours.......

Saturday: Had to go and fix a family friend's laptop. The thing about being in IT, you become free IT support for everyone that knows you, they should put a disclaimer on every single IT course!! Anyways, after that, I went home, then got called by my 14 and 9 year old cousins, only to remember that I promised to hang out with them the week before. So off I went, and I even managed to beat the older one at FIFA 2005 for the first time !! And it was a heavy one, 7-0 (let's just say I got so fed up of him beating me, I've been practising ;) Studying? Well, I actually read a bit on the train in the morning, and that was it.

Sunday: Church in the morning. Hanging out with Girlfriend in the afternoon, went to see Hitch, because I thought she'd like it, and I was right :) Got home, was too hungry and tired to read, so I've been doing some ironing instead. Now? I'm about to play a little Xbox. I've got a rematch with my cousin on the 2nd of May. And I intend to show him who's boss......

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