Tonight, tonight

I decided not to go to choir, so I could get some studying done, as I'd had a very busy day. But:

1. It took 1 call to the UK helpline, and 2 calls to the USA helpline, but I finally got my all in one remote control to work with all my stuff. Apparently, I have an American model, and it didn't have the codes for my 'European' devices, so we had to 'download' them over the phone. Thankfully, it's all working now, and I have only 1 funky remote on my table, instead of 4 !!

2. Got home to meet 2 of my flatmates very upset. One of them, was upset because she wanted her friend to stay in her room when she went on holiday, and one person wasn't very happy with it, she thinks that person is being selfish, etc, etc. She was in tears, and I was dumbfounded. The other person just found out that his on and off girlfriend is pregnant, and is planning to have an abortion on Monday. He's not happy about it, and apparently, they're not even speaking to each other. Sat in the lounge drinking all night (just left him there). So much for my quiet night in.

3. Watched about 5 minutes of Celebrity Fame Academy. It was 5 minutes too long. They're CRAP. Saw Edith prance around like a drunk karoake singer, and Reggie MURDER MC Hammer's can't touch this. I'm going to be traumatised for life. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP.

OK, I have to study now !!

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