Friday feeling………

Can't wait for the work day to end. I just wanna get home....and..........study.

Yup, that's all I do now. Study, study and study some more. Exam is in 4 weeks time, and I'm really, really, really behind schedule, that's all I say for now.

I've banned myself from going to the cinema. No more Xbox even. I need to study, and the situation is getting serious.

I found out that I will still be charged emergency tax this month, which is pretty depressing, as next month is the girlfriend's birthday, and I had planned to splash out on that, and spend about £100 on new Xbox games, but I have to choose one now. Which one will I choose I wonder? I guess the Xbox will have to wait for another month then.......

What I have decided to do is wait till I get the tax refund, which may be in April or May (or even June someone said), then I'll buy all the games I want then, and get Xbox live setup as a bonus (will cost £40 for the kit, and £75 for a wireless adaptor). But I would like to get the Collector's edition of Doom3 III when it comes out, as it has the original CLASSICS Doom and Doom II !! Decisions, decisions, decisions.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND PEOPLE !! I'll be the one stuck at home, desperately studying.

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