The Central Line….

.....has given me nothing but grief this week. Every single morning this week, I listen to BBC London News on the TV, again on the radio, and check the tube website, and they all say that the Central line is running fine.

And every single morning, I get to Letyton Station, and the trains are running with delays. Packed Trains, and it takes ages to get on one. With the weather getting warmer, this means sweating, and smelling other people's body odour. 3 days out of 3.

Tomorrow is the last working day of the week. So, do I expect the line to be running normally, or with delays? WE shall see.........

Still stuck at work by the way. This week must rank up there with worst ever:

"Bomb Scare"
"Tube hell"
"Broke as ever"
"Still paying emergency tax, despite my best efforts"
"Server almost drove me mad earlier today"
"Internet went down yesterday in the office for 6 hours, fault at exchange"
"Exam is getting closer and closer"

What next?

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