Went bowling tonight for the first time in my life with a group of friends. It was MAD FUN, and I really enjoyed it, must do it again sometime soon. We went to the Hollywood Bowl at Surrey Quays, and while I came 3rd in the first game (out of 4) and 4th in the second game (again, out of 4), I think I may have figured out the logic to the game. However, my painful wrist now serves as a reminder that some balls are heavier than others.......

After that, we went to Pizza Hut for a drink and a chat, we hadn't seen each other in ages, I hadn't seen one the girls in almost 8 months, one of the guys in over 4 years !! We got there at 8.30pm and left around 10.30!! But it was good to catch up with them again, and we should do this more often !! Anyways, now, it's bedtime....goodnight 20six.

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