Asda emergency

Tonight I went to see 'Hitch' at the cinema. I've got a UGC unlimited card, basically, I pay £13 a month, and I can watch as many movies as I want. However, I haven't used it in 2 months, so I decided to go tonight. I was starving, so I bought a pack of Toffee popcorn. Little did I know.....

I usually go into Asda after a night out on Fridays, as they stock up the shelves for Saturday, and the shelves are full, and the store is generally not as crowded as on the weekend. Anyway, as I went in for my weekly shop, I suddenly had to RUN to the toilet. I had the runs !! Got there, and there was a security man on the door, toilets were shut, unless you're a customer. (i.e. you've alread bought stuff) I BEGGED to get in. The door to their bogs had no locks, but fortunately, no one came in while I was soing my smelly business.

I think I'm ok now, but that was very embarrasing. done my shopping, and now I'm watching the end bit of comic relief.

At work, a guy shaved his head in aid of comic relief, and we donated about £300 or so. As a lot of the money goes to Africa, this is something that is very close to my heart.

Well goodnight everyone.....

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