Out of commission

Woke up this morning, and my usual routine of getting ready for work was violently disrupted, when I started throwing up. I threw up. Again and again and again. I think whatever was causing a problem has since left my stomach, the last puke was around 8.15am. My flatmates all think I'm pregnant !!

Anyway, I've taken the day off sick, I feel a little tired from all the throwing up (who would have thought it was such hard work!), and my stomach is really empty, but I'm afraid to eat anything, lest I set off whatever it was that made me sick. today is going to be an interesting day indeed.

And it's ironic. today is Chinese new Year. What did I eat last night (prime suspect for my predicament) ? Chinese Ribs !!! i've since cancelled my plans to get Chinese tonight to celebrate New Year.....

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