From the West Side to the West End

On Wednesday, I went to see West Side Story with a group of friends at the Canary Wharf Arts and Events Centre. It was free :) and was really cool, as I hadn't seen it before. Nice atmosphere and all, I might go back there with the girlfriend on a date sometime in the future.

Anyways, tonight we're doing some work after the office has closed, but after that, we're off to see Oceans 12 at Odeon Leceister SQUARE. I'm really looking foward to it, the only 'West End' cinemas I've been to are the UGC ones at Haymarket and Piccadily circus. But that's not all. After that we've got tickets to 'The Comedy Store' round the corner from there at midnight. I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to that, I'm a big lover of stand up comedy, so those guys had better be good !!

After that, we're all going to a nearby hotel where we'll get a few hours shut eye, and then it's back to the office for 8.30am tomorrow morning !!!!


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