Damn you Jose Mourhino

That is the summary of my weekend.

Friday night was da bomb !! Ocean's 12 was OK, not an excellent movie, but still very watchable, and managed to throw up several laughs. And the Odeon at Leicester Square was really cool, it was my first time there, but I'm not sure if the fact that I'm in the West End means I should spend so much on a movie. (good thing I wasn't paying) !!

Anyway, after that, we were off to the 12 midnight showing at the Comedy club, and it was too MUCH. I laughed till I had tears in my eyes. The acts were really good, I particulary like Junior Simpson and Will Smith (not the famous one, but some posh bloke). There was an Aussie woman who thought it would be funny to take off all her clothes on stage (yep) and some crazy Irish guy. We left there at 2am, and got to the hotel around 3am.

Woke up at 7am to get to the office. And what a day it was. We got there at 9am, and didn't blink and rest much till 7pm when we left, the network hanging by a thread. We still haven't sorted out some aspects of the upgrade, but at least, the office will function at close to full capacity tomorrow morning, while we struggle to fix a few nagging problems. It was not a pretty day, and I didn't even eat lunch.

Then today. Chelsea beat Liverpool in a cruel, cruel match. Stevie Gerrard scored his first goal for Chelsea and STOPPED PLAYING. He gave up, and dissapeared from the match. The team crumbled, and we lost. I don't want to talk about it, I'm depressed.

However, there is something I must get out of my system. I now hate Jose Mourhino. He's a twat. He put his finger on his lips in front of the Liverpool fans, and was sent off. Very very stupid man. He is now saying that the gesture was for his critics in the press. Lie. He was right in front of the Liverpool fans, how did he get there? I was one of his biggest admirers, until tonight.

Nuff said.

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