Back in the saddle…..

I said that when I got back, and it somehow got interpreted sexually (how do you do that?) !! Anyways, I'm back at work, trying to catch up on the lost day. I've got 3 days holiday next week, so at least I get to rest for a day before I rush off to my brother's wedding.

Recent stomach problems are a thing of the past. It's funny how many different things I got told to do :

1. Stick my finger down my throat to make sure I threw up everything in my stomach (Thanks, but no thanks!)
2. Drink milk to coat my stomach walls (I've heard this before, my flatmate seemed to think it was a dumb idea
3. Drink lots and lots of water
4. Don't eat anything, and 'starve' whatever it is that's causing the stomach ache.
5. Eat spicy food to remove the taste of nausea from your mouth.

I did 2-4, and by afternoon, it seemed everything had settled down. I grilled 2 pieces of chicken, and put enough spice on it to choke a small child. And presto !! I was cured !!

Had a wonderful Chinese takeaway, as my little way of celebrating Chinese New Year.

This morning, everything was going according to plan, until I got to Leyton station. There was a massive crowd trying to get into the station, it was simply pure chaos. I'm not sure why it was so crowded, but it looked like trouble, so I called the office to say I was running
late, and stayed on the bus, got off at Startford, used the Jubilee line to West Ham, and took THE LAST train to Fenchurch Street at 9.05 am. got to Work 9.20am. not too bad. I heard they were going to do some work on expanding the entrance at Leyton Station. It's a really small station, but it's really busy, on the Central Line, it's the busiest I've seen outside Central London !!!

Anyways, back to work !!

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