Travesty of justice

That's what happened today at Anfield.

The referee did not award 2 blatant penalties. And he has the guts to say that Tiago's handball was 'ball to hand'. Mike Riley was in the storm of controvesy earlier in the season, when he robbed Arsenal of a match, in a similar fashion to what he did to Liverpool today.

Liverpool took the match the league leaders, and dominated the possesion for most of the game. The first half especially was all Liverpool, but I have to admit that the Chelsea defence was very firm and placed very well, keeping Liverpool chances few and far between. Gerrard worked hard as well, but we lost Xabi Alonso, to a broken ankle, after a monster tackle from Frank Lampard.

Mourhino must have been mad, 'cos it took forever for the Chelsea players to leave the dressing room. He came out first, and they came out a few minutes afterwards. They played a lot better in the second half, Liverpool still had more possesion, however, as the home team, that was expected. However, Chelsea had a few chances this time, and eventually scored when a Joe Cole shot was deflected by Jamie Carragher into the net. Carragher had had an outstanding game in central defence and I'm really impressed with him this season.

The Chelsea manager has admitted that the ref should have given Liverpool 2 penalties in the first half, and that they were lucky to win.

"The way both teams fought and tried to win the game means I think a draw would be a fair result.

"But at the right moment we had that little bit of luck that champions need to have in crucial moments."

Anyway, it's all good. half our team is injured. Let's see what Rafa does in the transfer window.

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