Slow your roll…….

Today started out a bit slow, but true to what has been happening all week, in the afternoon, the Desktop Faxing system went down, and I had to call BT. They've got this stupid 'fancy' system where you type in the number, and it tests the number and tells you everything is fine (Even if it's not, which apparently was what happened today). I dropped the phone in anger, all I wanted to do was talk to one human being !! I proceeded to call the Fax System provider and give them loads of grief for 2 hours, until someone in BT thought it would be a good idea to give me a call and tell me that the fault was with the the phone line, and it won't be cleared up till tomorrow !!

Anyway, I'm off to Goring-by-Sea tomorrow, I've called National Rail Enquires and got my train times and all, but from the way it looks I'llbe back in London around 4pm. I've got a meeting inchurch at 8pm, so it looks like I won't have Internet Access till Wednesday......so no blogging till then. I'm watching Starship Troopers right now, good movie !!

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