Political wrestling

The gong hasn't even started, but the battle for 10 Downing Street has well and truly begun. Today, the Tories and the LibDems laid out their plans for Britain, the Tories believe they can 'bribe' the public by calling them nice names like 'the forgotten majority' and reducing taxes all round. The LibDems believe the time has come for them to take over as the real opposition. Personally, I am going to vote Labour for several reasons, but let's talk about the opposition first.


A bunch of losers. They've not had anyone with leadership credentials since Thatcher, but she left such a bitter taste in everyone's mouth, that she's not exactly good news. John Major, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith (don't even get me started) and Michael Howard are all jokers, Major never deserved to be PM, and the rest don't look like they will ever make it. William Hague might have made it one day, but he got the job of Party Leader a bit too early, and he might actually one day lead the party again and might even challenge for PM one day. Their policies for this election are simply a joke. They plan to cut taxes drastically, and sack half the civil service. But their sums don't add up, someone should tell Michael Howard that 1+1 will always, always =2. If he cuts taxes, then publice services will suffer. Also their policies on immigration are just silly. The tories want to
stop people coming to the UK for holiday and study from switching to long stay visas. This directly affects me, so it's difficult to be objective. However, the USA, Canada and Australia are keen to ensure that foreign students that are able to secure jobs stay on, to improve the quality of the workforce. Top foreign workers can now pick and choose which country to work and live in, and for these countries, it's getting more and more competitive to attract the best talent. The UK is not exactly an attractive place for foreign workers, it's already the most difficult country to come to, and Mr. Howard wants to make it harder. He also plans to implement a points based system like the one in place in Austrialia. Someone should tell him before he embarrasess himself, the UK ALREADY HAS SUCH A SYSTEM, IT'S CALLED THE HIGHLY SKILLED MIGRANT PROGRAM (HSMP) and IT'S BEEN IN PLACE SINCE 2002. I don't know why Labour haven't told him this, he should stop peddling someone else's original ideas as his own, or at least do a little research before he opens his mouth.

Mr. Howard is just scaremongering, he knows the 'public' are concerned about Asylum and immigration, and he's trying to score cheap points with his immigration policies. But all his policies are laughable, and I pray that they never see the light of day. Thankfully, as a Nigerian citizen, my status as a Commonwealth citizen allows me to vote, so I'll make sure I vote, just to keep the Tories out. Who knows, maybe if they win, I won't be able to vote in the next election, cos they'll take that privilege away from me.


To be honest, I like the Lib Dems. I lived in Liverpool for 2 years, and the city council was predominantly Lib Dem, and I have to say, they did an excellent job. They're very radical and 'with it' and will do a much better job that the Tories. However, they can go a bit too over the edge for me, and while they'll make a very, very good opposition, I don't ever see them as a government party. Charles Kennedy is a brilliant leader, and maybe one day, I might vote Lib Dem. But not this


Long live the kings !! Everyone is talking about the feud between Blair and Brown. We're not even sure if the stories are true. One of my flatmates works as a reseracher for a Labour MP, so she gives us a few 'inside stories' and while there is some truth to the fables, it mainly the press blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Anyway, the Tories should not even be talking about this. Because while Labour has 2 people wanting to be PM, and looking objectively, both of them will do brilliantly, they don't have even one person..........

I'm a big fan of Gordon Brown, I think he's a brilliant man and he's done a good job at 11 Downing Street. And he's so determined to fight poverty worldwide, and reduce debt in the Third World, that he's got my vote again and again and again. I'd prefer him to Tony Blair, but it's all good.

Do this country a favour. VOTE LABOUR.

Good night.

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