New Year’s day - drunken London

My New Year's day celebrations almost didn't happen. Left home at 11pm, and got on the train to Westminster, hoping to get to Big Ben on time. However, when we were almost there, the tube driver 'reminded' us that Westminster tube station was closed !! What? I'd checked online, and no one mentioned anything about closing the station? So my girlfriend and I got down at Waterloo, at 10 minutes to 12. We had no idea where to go, but there was a massive crowd, and we just moved with the crowd. Everyone was walking really fast, in fact some were jogging, and we managed to get into a position where we had a very good view of the London Eye, with Big Ben in the background (ironically, the reverse was what I was hoping to get, but this was good!). And bang on time, Big Ben began to chime, and the firework display started. It was really nice, lasted about 10 minutes.

After the fireworks, we started to go home, but there was such a massive crowd, it took about 30 minutes to get on the platform !! And there were so many drunk people misbehaving, pools of vomit all over the place, and people screaming and acting all drunk. I've never been drunk, but after last night, I can say I'm not missing much !! Some guy though it would be a good idea to shout "Allah Auakbay" in the middle of the crowd at Waterloo. It wasn't. We all thought it was a terrorist attack, and I don't see how that's funny.

In fact, the drunkeness, combined with Ken Livingstone's bright idea to provide free transport till 4am may have caused more problems that he thought. At one point, there was a 15 minute delay on the Jubilee line, due to a fight on a train, and apparently, the police had to sort it out !! We went to my place first, and then I took my girlfriend to North
Greenwich to start her journey to Abbeywood. We had a drunk girl try to chat us up at the bus station. The tubes may have been running ok, but the buses were a joke! I took about 4 buses, and my girlfriend took 2 buses home from North Greenwich, and it was the same everywhere, the buses were just not running, and we had to use night buses a few times, which were few and far between. However, I had called London transport earlier, and they had assured me that all bus routes would be running free and regular services all night.


Got home at 4am. Went to an aunt's place today for a bit of a family get together, so I'm full, so stuffed, it's emnbarassing. Also, my aunt says I've gained all the weight I lost back over Christmas !! I'm so sad about that. So I have to pick up the diet again in January. And
Liverpool lost. but that's another post altogether......

Happy new year all !!

P.S. Would have posted some pics from last night, but I've run out of space on my blog :( I might be upgrading to a paid blog in Feb. so I can post more pics, which is why I haven't posted to the funny pics section in a while as well.

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