MP3 player info glut……..somebody help me !!

OK, while working on a PC in the office, a colleague on a nearby desk was talking about an MP3 player he had just bought with his quartely bonus. I mentioned that I'd done the same. He went on about how his MP3 player cost just £240 and was a 40GB player. I said mine cost £310, but that it also had an FM radio. Then he said his had an FM radio as well !! Then I asked about if his had a voice recorder, he said he wasn't sure. I did quick search online and apparently, the Cowon iAUDIO M3 has all the features of the iRiver I was going to buy, except a colour screen. I was going to save £70 !!

Notice I said the iRiver I was going to buy? I QUICKLY cancelled the order from Amazon, and placed an order on www.goaudio.co.uk for the iAUDIO, as Amazon did not have the iAudio in stock for 1-2 weeks. Then I noticed that I could get it used on Amazon for £189.99 !!! So I cancelled the order (again).

I've decided to calm down now, and make up my mind what I want. I'll DEFINATELY be going down to Tottenham Court Road now, and see if I can get the iAUDIO there, so I can take it home with me (as long as it's less than £250!). If not, then I'll buy it online.

So now.....this is my new desire:

It shall be mine.............

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