Longest ever commute

Do you know anyone who had has a really long commute? The person I know that has the longest commute, comes into London everyday from Eastbourne. My boss said he used to work at Birmingham for a while, (he was living at Eastbourne at the time), however, he was working for an airline, so he would drive to Gatwick, fly to Birmingham and then fly back to Gatwick.

In today's news, Les Ferdinand is leaving Bolton Wanderers by mutual consent. The 38 year old striker is looking to play in a team where he will get more first team opportunities (???), and it seems he'll be linking up with his first professional club, QPR. But what amazed me was that he's been living in London all this time, and commuting to Bolton by helicopter.

But why do footballers do that? It's like when Stan Collymore was commuting to Liverpool from Birmingham. Robbie Fowler commuting to Leeds/Manchester is excusable. But London/Bolton?

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