IPod Shuffle ??

Ipod has come up with a new player that is making headlines at the moment. But, as with most things Apple, it's all talk, but no substance.

The Ipod Shuffle is supposed to be 'pioneering' technology. But it's not. It's a Flash MP3 player, and we're had those around for DONKEY years. The entire existence and product premise of the iPod Shuffle has been created from a marketing perspective. Goal: need to create a cheap iPod - drop the screen, a major cost. So, no screen, so you can't choose what music to listen to. So.....let it play the music randomly. And the Shuffle was born !! In this way, the sole feature lacking from the device becomes a key selling point, denying any negative press - the device was designed that way!

So, while other flash players have features like FM radios, the shuffle uses the cool style and brand cachet of the iPod, and keeps costs low with the absence of a screen.

I've said it before, I'll say it again......

Apple makes fashion accesories, not technology.

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