Click, click, click

That's how today went. Everything went according to plan. Even when I was running late for my train to Goring-by-Sea this morning, the train was delayed by 10 minutes, just enough time for me to get on. As in, as soon as I ran into the train, the train left.

At Victoria station today, I saw the strangest advert I've seen in ages. An Audi A4. Right there on the concourse. As in the actual car. In a glass type case.

Goring-by-Sea is one of the best places I've been to in my life. It's a really nice village, no streetlights, no pavements, just nice bungalows everywhere and a magnificent beach.

Got into London around 4pm and got home just before 5pm (did some light shopping on the way home). Then I went for a meeting at church and just got in about 30 minutes ago.

Oh, and Liverpool lost. Again. You can never really have it all, can you?

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