The cake…..

Yesterday was a flatmate's birthday, and two of the girls in the house thought it would be a nice idea if they made him a cake. So yesterday, armed with a recipe book, they took over the kitchen for a few hours and baked the cake. When I got home, the cake looked DELICIOUS. Considering that these two girls are not exactly the most 'dosmeticated' babes I've ever met. Anyway, the cake looked really, really good, I even accussed them of going out and buying a cake.....it was that good.

Until I tasted it.

It was horrible. It didn't get baked all the way through, and tasted of a mix between ice-cream and a brownie. While one of the guys spat it out, and threw it away, me and the birthday boy tried to encourage the girls, saying that it wasn't that bad, especially since it was their first time ever baking. And that was until they tasted it themselves. The cake was crap. Case closed.

Today, all 5 of us who ate it are hoping we don't get food poisioning. Because with only 2 toilets in the house, that would be a real DISASTER.

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