And then they were two

Today, the boss isn't in. He called to say that either he or his baby daughter was ill (the person who took the call can't remember), but as I haven't heard a thing from him today, I suspect it's him. And also, another member of the IT team called in sick with food poisoning, so the team of 4 is down to 2 today. We sent out an email telling everyone that they would have to bear with us if they found us a little slow today, and it seems it's scared everyone off, I haven't had a single call today !!!

Yesterday, I was in church all day, sang with the choir for all 3 services. Wasn't easy, but I think I'm getting used to it. However, running round that theatre is more than I do in my gym workouts, so I'm considering cutting out the Monday gym on the days after I do church. Thankfully, this is only required once every 3 weeks (for now). So I've got the next 2 Sundays off.........

Will be blogging later in the afternoon...I'm off to get some lunch now....

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