And the Award goes to…………..

Was going to blog about this last week, but I was way to busy. We're having an awards ceremony in the office on Thursday. We're calling it the LAFTAs and I'm nominated in 2 categories. "Most likely to become famous" and "Messiest Desk". It looks like it's going to be mad fun. Other Categories are:

Best Newcomer

Most Irritating Ring Tone
Most Helpful/Best Telephone Manner
Best Dressed
Best Person to be stuck in the Lift with
Most Cheerful
Persom most likely to know the answer to anything
Best Boss

I'm a bit gutted that I wasn't nominated in the most helpful catgory, as helping people in what IT Helpdesk people are meant to do !!

Voting costs £1 per vote, with the proceeds going to the Tsunami disaster fund. The company has agreed to match any money we raise, which ended at about £1,200 when voting closed on Friday!! Not bad for 40 odd people. I contributed £20 to the cause (unfortunately, you're not allowed to vote for yourself).

I did my best to campaign hard, the 'most likely to become famous' should be in the bag, with my TV appearances and all, and the last voting update in that category was "wouldn't really bother voting now!" so hopefully I've got that one. However for the messiest desk the update was "2 close contenders for the prize". However the picture of my desk that was pasted around the office should have gotten me some last minute 'pity' votes..............

OK, I 'touched up' a little when I knew they were taking a pic. But hey, have you seen a messier desk?

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