And another blogger bites the dust

Another blogger has found himself on the wrong end of a P45, this time from UK bookstore chain Waterstones. Joe Gordon, who has been running his Woolamaloo Gazette satirical newsletter since 1992, was dismissed last week after working for the bookseller for 11 years, following a disciplinary hearing.

The blog covers everything from the city of Edinburgh to UN scientists in Iraq, also mentions his work in one of the chain's Edinburgh branches. As well as discussing visits from authors to the store and which cartoon characters his work colleagues would be, Gordon occasionally used his online diary to vent steam about his working life. Describing the store as "Bastardstone's" and using terms such as "Evil Boss" probably didn't do him any favours either, as the company sacked him for bringing it into disrepute.

Gordon joins a long list of bloggers who have lost their jobs after writing about their employers. Ellen Simonetti, formerly an air hostess for Delta Airlines, was fired after management saw pictures of her posing in her uniform on her website. Jessica Cutler - the now infamous Washingtonienne - was also sacked from her job in a Senator's office for the content of her blog. A list of companies that have

a list of companies that are purported to have fired employees for blogging "fired, threatened, disciplined, fined or not hired people because of their blog." can be found at Boing Boing.

1.) Delta Air Lines
2.) Wells Fargo
3.) Ragen MacKenzie
4.) Starbucks
5.) Microsoft
6.) Friendster
7.) the Houston Chronicle
8.) the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
9.) Nunavut Tourism (Canada)
10.) the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Harvard University
11.) Maricopa County Superior Court of Arizona Self Help Center and Library
12.) Mike DeWine, US Senator (R-Ohio)
13.) the Durham Herald-Sun
14.) Kerr-McGee
15.) ESPN
16.) Apple (according to this blog entry AND this article)
17.) Statistical Assessment Service (DC nonprofit)
18.) Minnesota Public Radio
19.) The Hartford Courant
20.) the International Olympic Committee (barred athletes from blogging during the Olympics last summer)
21.) Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (?)
22.) the National Basketball Association (NBA)
23.) Waterstones

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