1-0 to the scum………

Manchester United beat us. Again. To make it even more painful, it was Wayne Rooney that scored the 'fluke' winning goal, after the usual gaffe from Jerzy Dudek. (What's scary is that I'm almost getting used to them!) Dudek is almost certainly out of the club, cos it seems like Liverpool are looking to buy 2 goalkeepers, a youngster to be 3rd choice keeper, and a more experienced keeper as 'cover' for Kirkland, and I don't see Dudek hanging around after that. We lost out to Chelsea to sign Leed keeper Scott Carson, but I hear about another young keeper from Oman, Ali Al-Habsi from Norwegian club Lyn. Anyway, back to today's match.......

Morientes made a very good debut, although the scum managed to keep him quiet by placing 2 men to mark him. Wes Brown was looking for trouble from the opening whistle, and after a small tussle with Pellegrino just before a corner, I just knew he would get sent off before the end of the day. Speaking of Pellegrino, he also made his debut, and that was also quiet. It appears we're going to have Hyypia and Pellegrino in the middle, and Carragher will be playing on the right.

After Wes Brown got sent off, Liverpool managed to dominate the  possesion, but that was it, the scum defence was resolute, and they managed to hold off Liverpool. I was really disaspointed with the team today, and if they continue like this, we should stop talking about Champions League. And to imagine that we were talking title at the beginning of the season !!

Two things are certain:

1. If Dudek plays against United, he's going to make a massive mistake and cost us the game.

2. Whenever we play against Blackburn, one of their players will break one of our player's legs. (Carragher, Baros, Cisse)

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