Tonight, I was exhausted after a really long and absorbing day at work. But several things happened to make me feel so much better, so I figured I'd better post this, even though I'm half awake, as I may not have the time tomorrow, and it won't be 'fresh'. After work today:

1. Got a phone call from a friend, to talk about the X-factor thing. It appears that we're gonna be required for another live TV performance on Sunday (Unfortunately, it's supposed to be hush hush, so I can't say anything, I will however post it on Friday night!). Oh, and we're gonna get paid ! Yippee !!

2. Had a great time at church cell tonight. We had pizza and a movie as a lot of people were no shows. We saw '50 first dates' which I hadn't seen before, a good laugh, and I had a very relaxing night.....which I needed, it's been a while since I've let myself unwind.

3. Halfway through cell, I got a phone call that Liverpool was trailing 1-0 to a Rivaldo goal. I was depressed. At the end of cell, got a message again, we'd won!! 3-1 !! We go to the knock-out stages !! Go REDS !!

4. Every Wednesday, I make the short trip from North Greenwich to Stratford on the jubilee line. Usually, it's uneverntful, but today, the driver made us all chuckle. Usually, all you get is "this is Startford, where this train will terminate" or something of the like. Today we had something like "Unfortunately, this train will not be going any further, so you'll have to walk towards National rail or the Central line, which are not far from the platform. I guess that means you can change for those services here, unless of course, your house is nearby, and in that case, you're walking home. Please take all your belongings with you as you leave the train. By belongings, I mean not just suitcases, but all those lovely take away carriages I can see, newspapers, coke cans, everything. Take them home with you, because I don't want them. And you'll be helping to keep the Jubilee line clean !! ......................................................(and he went on and on and on!). And finally, if I don't see you again, have a Merry Christmas, and a happy New year. Good night." By this time, we were all laughing our heads off.

great day. Now time for me to grab some shut eye, as I have to be in the office tomorrow morning by 7.30am. May need to work really late on thursday and friday so that I can get all my showbiz stuff done on the weekend. SO EXCITED.

good night world.

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