So tired………..

I've been so busy recently. The office refit means a lot of daily chaos and running about to sort out reconnnections and re-cabling.......all on top of my usual job. I was in early on Monday, and I expect a late night on Thursday.

The good news is that our choir has been invited to sing with Steve for the final of Xfactor !! I'm really looking forward to it, seeing all those wonderful people again. However, this means I will have to juggle both work and choir, and after discussions with my very understanding boss and the project manager, they have decided to move the cable termination from Saturday to Sunday. So I guess this weekend will be really hectic for me, but hey Christmas is coming, so I guess I'll get a lot of rest, right?

On the other hand, the 'shambolic' manager (read previous posts here and here) apparently commended the entire IT department in the management meeting on Monday, saying we were really helpful with the office refit project. Cool, it's nice when all your hard work actually gets appreciated once in a while !!

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