Pages of life

"In the beginning, while the Heavens and Earth were yet without form and shape, You looked upon us from eternity, loving us for all You created us to be, accepting us just as we are. So, as we reflect on the time we have and the life You have given to us, You make us increasingly aware our blessings and miracles flow from Your hand alone. With all we have, we celebrate and ascribe worth to You, who created all things and by whom all things were made. the Sovereign ruler of Earth and sky, your heart is not to curse, neither is it Your desire to see anyone lost; but You allow everyone a chance to experince Your love. Your will is the ultimate goal, and in Your omniscience You have carefully orchestrated our steps. You have authored the Pages of Life."

This is simply my favourite music CD of all time. I just had it delivered today, after giving away my last copy in 2001 when I left Nigeria to study in Liverpool. I've missed it so much. Unfortunately, music playing has been banned in my office (just this week), so I'll have to wait till I get home to hear it.

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