I'm still a bit 'sore' and have a massive headache. Just got back from church. Need to rest, long day ahead tomorrow.

Hillsong London (my church) has secured a bigger venue, and from next year, we'll be using the Dominion Theatre on Totenham Court Road. And the number of services wil drop from 7 to 3(or 4). This will be lot less stress on the choir and other teams, today I realised how hard it is for everyone. I had to queue to get into church, in the cold, while we were served malt wine, hot tea and mince pies !! It was a Christmas Carol service tho, and it was simply divine, enjoyable. hopefully, I'll be back to my choir duties soon, it was strange looking at them from the audience today !!

Time to get ready for bed.............a bit early for me, but it's all good.

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