Last working day of the year…

is finally over. Time to go home.

I was going to do a post where I reviewed this year, which has been a remarkable year for me personally, but I've decided not to do that.

The news from South-East Asia is sickening. So many people dead. So far, about 120,000 people. It's the worst natural disaster in my lifetime. In just a few minutes, the forces of nature wiped out the lives of so many people. The more I think about it, the more helpless I  feel as a human being. Despite all our 'technological advancements', we are still no match for the forces of nature.

I saw some photos this morning, of bodies and debris, spread out over a 'road' in Sri Lanka I think it was. Photos of people fighting for food and clean water. Little children looking for their parents. It's all too much.....

There was a story in the Metro today, about a British woman who went to Thailand with her two sons and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend proposed to her on Christmas day. Her 5 year old son is confirmed dead, while her boyfriend and 8 year old are both missing. (Presumed dead). She is in hospital with head injuries. My heart goes out to her.

I don't even feel like celebrating new year anymore. I was going to go to Big Ben for New Years' Eve, but I might end up lighting a candle, and remembering all the lost souls, who were not fortunate enough to see 2005.

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