It’s been mad

The last few days have just been mad. I've been so busy, I can't explain how I made it. Yesterday, I had to make an emergency trip down to Dorking to fix a PC that's been giving grief for almost 2 weeks now. And then I was in the office today at 7am, to sort out an office recabling project. I've got to go to work tomorrow as well. Mad, I tell you, mad.

And Monday, I've got to be in at 8am.

on the upside, remember my blog about the manager that called my project 'shambolic'. Well, he's in charge of the office refit that's led to this cabling thing. And this morning, my manager had a go at him, as we completed a cabling job that contractors were meant to have done last night, otherwise, we'd have had no power/data to our PCs. And somewhere in all the talking, I heard the word 'shambolic'. What goes around, comes around.

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