I’m getting angry

I was not going to blog about this, but it's beginning to get to me. OK, someone owes me money. And it seems that I may not get the money. £200. That kind of money could have made Christmas a lot 'sweeter'. How did this happen?

Well, I had plans for December 11th. I was meant to work. We were doing an office refit at the time, and that weekend was scheduled for termination of cables in the server room. Then on Sunday the 5th of December, someone asked me if I could sing in the choir for X-Factor's Steve in the final. So Monday the 6th, I told my boss I couldn't make Saturday, but I would work on Sunday. We arranged with the project manager, and other people involved and moved the entire job to Sunday. Then on Wednesday, I got another call. "If Steve wins, we would like you to sing on Sunday as well, 'cos he'll be doing Top of the Pops.". I was about to say I couldn't make it. The words were coming out of my mouth. Then she said "We'll pay you £200 for Sunday". Game, set and match.

I came into work on Thursday, and told my boss I couldn't make Sunday either. He wasn't very pleased. The entire job was shifted to next year !! (I suspect at considerable cost to the company). However, everyone understood that it was a great opportunity for me, and would have done the same if they were in my shoes, so they weren't angry with me (at least they didn't let me know!).

Anyway, a week after Top of the Pops, I called the girl who was meant to be arranging payment. I had faxed over my details, and she didn't even bother to confirm she got them ! She confirmed on the phone, and said she was trying to pay us on that day. That was 11days ago. Since then, no one has contacted me, and I still remain unpaid.

The appearance on CDUK was also meant to be another £200, but it was cancelled 2 days before, and Steve appeared with a brand new choir. GMTV the next week, another choir.

Anyway, let me stop moaning........................

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