I WAS ON TV (Again) !!

Don't worry, it's not getting to my head. I'm using up my 15 minutes of fame quite rapidly though, have to be careful..!

Saw Top of The Pops tonight, and it was great. Steve looked great, and like I said, once he started singing, no one was booing, there was cheering everywhere..........so there !! the British press is so full of crap, I don't know why anyone bothers with them.

In other related news, I also saw Friday Night with Johnathan Ross, with my favourite comedian in the world, Johnny Vegas. He was brilliant (as usual, what else do you expect?). I love the way Vegas takes over the 'interview' on chat shows and stuff, the show where he did 'Room 101' is the best ever !! He's naturally funny, and I love his work.

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