• Customer: "My machine won't do anything."

  • Tech Support: "What's on the screen right now?"

  • Customer: "It's frozen, it's showing my Windows desktop."

  • Tech Support: "Try hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete, tell me what happens."

  • Customer: (taptaptap) "Nothing."

  • Tech Support: "Did you hit all of them at once?"

  • Customer: "Umm...just a second." (taptaptap) "I did that time. Nothing happened."

  • Tech Support: "Try it again."

  • Customer: (taptaptap) "No, it's just sitting there."

  • Tech Support: "Move the mouse around. What happens?"

  • Customer: "Nothing, the arrow doesn't move."

  • Tech Support: "Ok, last try, hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete again."

  • Customer: "Still nothing."

  • Tech Support: "Hit your numlock key. Does the light flash?"

  • Customer: "No."

  • Tech Support: "Ok, you're going to have to shut your computer off. Just press the power button, wait for a couple of seconds, and turn it on again."

  • Customer: "I've heard that's bad for Windows."

  • Tech Support: "Um, well, you can't do anything else, right?"

  • Customer: "No."

  • Tech Support: "Well, you can't hurt it any worse then."

  • Customer: "But I've heard it's bad for Windows to just shut it off without shutting down first."

  • Tech Support: "Yes, but it's locked up. There's nothing else you can do."

  • Customer: "Will it hurt my Windows?"

  • Tech Support: "Probably no worse than it already was by locking up."

  • Customer: "Well...ok...but if it doesn't work, will you come over and fix it for me?"

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