CDUK gig has been cancelled.

On hearing that, I searched Google news for any recent press on Steve, and found out some distressing stuff.

Now, he was booed at the TOTP gig, yeah, but I would say there was more cheering than booing, and after he finally finished, there was loads of cheering. the booing didn't surprise me, due to the way he won X-Factor. However, based on this fact, several bookmakers have started paying out on Band Aid 20 being Christamas No. 1, believing Steve won't make it. Also, apparently, he couldn't handle the difficult questions at the interview afterwards, and his PR person had to stop the interview prematurely. Not good either. Everyone is already precdicting he's not going to go far........which makes me sad. I hope it all turns out well for him, as he's a genuinely nice guy, and I really want him to succeed.

I'm just hoping that the CDUK gig was not cancelled because of all this.

I'm at home today, and I'm actually beginning to approach 80%. I know this because although I woke up at 9.30am, I have a burning desire to play my Xbox. I'm off to work around 2.30......so I had better get started.

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