And the winner is……….


I just came home from the time of my life. Had a great time at the X-Factor....but did G4 even think they could win with that selection of songs? Was really glad Steve won, because that means we get to back him up (the choir) in a recording tomorrow for TOP OF THE POPS. So it's another long day for me tomorrow.

However, I have lost all respect for Sharon Osbourne. Anyone who saw the show will have an idea why, however, there was an incident in the afternoon, during a rehearsal where she behaved like a ........bitch. (A word I don't like to use, but I can't find another one that will describe how I feel). I'll leave it at that.

So, I get to meet Steve again tomorrow. YIPPEE !!

Didn't get any celeb pics, as there was a lot of tension and stuff, however, I got a picture with some of the members of the choir. Will post that tomorrow. Have to sleep now, really long day tomorrow !!!!

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