Gym went well. My fitness instructor is a girl. Basically, we determined that I'm obese (tell me something I don't know). Infact, so obese, that on her BMI chart, I'm 'off the map' completely !! So the aim is to get me to 'overweight' in the next 2 months. (I bet you never thought you'd hear that). Also, my body mass is about 43.1% fat.

Went on the treadmill, exercise bike and walker for about 5 minutes each, as she watched me pant and almost break into tears. On my exercise program, I'll be doing about 13 minutes of each. I'll also need to do weights, so I have another session with her on Tuesday to work out a regime for that as well. I hope to go to the gym on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays(or Saturdays).

Went pretty well, looking forward to it. So the aim is to get me weighing 90kg by mid January. On the plus side, I've gone from 138kg (yes, I'm a heavy man, go figure) to 127kg with only dieting (1 month!), so this is pretty encouraging. This may yet turn out to be an exciting journey.I'm going to need a lot of motivation and dedication to do this....and I guess this blog will help in that respect.


In other (sad) news, my university has been shut indefinately, as a student was shot by police. Students were protesting the fact that their results for the last session had not yet been released (a normal occurence, believe me, I never saw my first semester Part I results till I was in Part III!!), and in the course of the 'peaceful protest', the Vice-Chancellor was beaten up pretty badly. Police were called in, and in the ensuing melee, a student was killed. Sad, sad news. Story is here.

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