Xbox vs. Playstation 2 : The final chapter

OK, this is the last time I'm going to talk about this, promise.



Better Processor, hence better graphics
Halo 2 (Not available on PS2)
Even though Microsoft plans to release the Xbox2 in 2006 ,many people believe that this is not necessary, as the Xbox has not yet been used to it's full capabilities


To play online, I'll require a credit card, which, due to a bad credit rating, I don't have.
A lot of the games on the Xbox were originally designed for the PS2, so the Xbox game designers did not put as much effort, and hence, some games end up being better on the PS2.

Playstation 2


More games are available
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is not available on any other platform
Online play is free.
It looks BEAUTIFUL !


Will be replaced by the PS3 next year
Requires the purchase of a memory card to save games.

With all this in mind, I BOUGHT MY XBOX YESTERDAY. Can't really afford it right now, and I'm sure that in 2 weeks time, when I'm dying of hunger, I'll regret my actions. However, being the bargain hunter that I am.....I had my eye on several deals, and wanted to get everything before Xmas shopping starts, and the shops will either cancel the deals, or be out of stock.


Xbox + FIFA 2005 = £104.95 (HMV - Saving of £35)
Halo 2 + Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow = £39.99 (Dixons - Saving of £40)
Grand Theft Auto Twin pack = £39.99 (Argos)

So that's it. Each and every single purchase I made was the last item in stock in every shop I went to !! Spooky eh?

The worst thing? I haven't been able to play it ! One of the disadvantages of being an adult is that you don't have anyone to do stuff for you, so I spent today shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. After all that, I had to go to church, as I'm on choir duty this weekend. Tomorrow, I've got choir in the morning, and the girlfriend and I are going out after that. Also, somewhere in between all that, I have to watch TV, as my church will be featured on BBC1, on "Songs of Praise" at 5.15pm. I was sitting in the 2nd row in the audience, just behind the pastors, and I've seen some footage, and there are a few shots of me in a brown sweater. Watch out for me !!

Have a great weekend people !!

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