Work, work and guess what? More work !!

I'm working till pretty late again tonight. They're renovating our office to creat more desk space, and as the IT guy, I need to surpervise the cabling, which is a pain ! I have received assurance that the job will be completed before Christmas, which is good.

I'll also be required to come in for the next 2 Saturdays, but I'll be given a day and half holidays in lieu for each one, which is brilliant. I've got 12 more days off till May next year, and with the extra 3, I can take the 2 days off in December, and start next year with 13 days !! Sounds like a plan.

I have to say I am very dissapointed with FIFA 2005 on the Xbox. It's not as fluid and as playable as I'd have liked, and the season mode doesn't have the FA cup, Champs League, etc. The last one I've played was 2003 on the PC, and all that was in it. Or is it just missing on the Xbox version. I'm not a happy camper. Should have gone for Pro Evo Soccer 4. But then, I got this one for £5, so it's not that bad. Maybe I'll flog in on Ebay and get Pro Evo then....now that sounds like a plan !!

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