What a difference a year makes

Exactly a year ago, I was earning 25,000 naira (Equivalent of £100) a month, in a job I wasn't too happy in. All I had to look forward to was a year of national service earning 7500 naira a month. Things looked bleak, and everyday, I had to make an effort to get up, to even live life.

Today, I received my payslip, and it all seems like a distant memory. I'm in a great job, work with great people, earning REAL money (almost 15 times more, after tax!), living on my own in the greatest city in the world, I'm in a WONDERFUL church, I've got my FABULOUS girlfriend close by, and life is on the up. But I'm not one to forget where I come from.

I've got to thank:

My parents - who's money helped me get to the UK. Also for helping me out with my visa application
My girlfriend - who stuck with me through thick and thin.
My wonderful friends - Who've been there no matter what
Last but not least
GOD - for making it all possible. For having my back through it all, and for showing me the way.......

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