What a day…..

7.30am: Woke up an hour late. had to rush out of the house to get on my way to Dorking.

9.15am: Waterloo Station. 9.15 train cancelled. 9.45 train delayed.

10.30am: Train has been standing still for about 20 minutes. Apparently, there's a problem at Guildford.

11.30am: Get to Dorking. Can't figure out what's wrong with the PC there. Call Dell. They can't either. Arrange for them to pick it up tomorrow. Wasted journey then !! Leave for London at 1.20pm, after the manager there buys me lunch (now how did he know I was broke?!)

1.49pm: walk into Dorking station, as the London train leaves. Have to wait till 2.19pm for the next one.

3pm(I think!): Back to London. CRISIS. Our ISP has sent a very stern worded email about us having a virus on our network. I defiantly disagree, but agree to scan every single PC with free tool from McAfee. Find tons of viruses, including Bagle, the culprit in question. To all Network Administrators out there, F-SECURE is CRAP. How could it allow so many viruses through? I'm not happy at all. Will look into moving to another anti-virus next February. One computer had 75 viruses !! Didn't have a minute's rest until I was sure every single PC was virus free (about 10 minutes ago).

6pm(Well 5.51pm if you wanna be exact): Leaving for choir practice. WHAT A DAY, eh?

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