The weekend….

Had a topsy-turvy kind of weekend:

Friday: Had to work till about 10pm! Got home very tired, as I went to the gym that evening as well.

Saturday: Woke up all sore. Had a converrsation with my girlfriend, which drove me over the edge, you know one of those ones where you swear you'll never speak to the person again? Well, I did my best, didn't talk to her for 29 hours ! Went to church in the evening to fill in for someone (Choir Duty). I decided to sponsor a child in Uganda at church through Compassion UK, and now I've 'adopted' Thembo Joshua. I've got his picture on my wall even. It's gonna cost me £18 a month, but I'm glad to be making a difference in someone's life.

On my way home, I got a text from someone who was at X-Factor. Cassie actually told her to say hi to me ! I was actually amazed she rememberred me !! I had decided to stop voting on X-Factor when I saw my last phone bill, but with this 'new information', I voted for Cassie right there at the bus stop. Twice. Only to get home and find out she got voted off. I was gutted. Really, really, gutted. And to make it worse, Liverpool lost to Boro.

Sunday: Woke up, and I decided to live like I didn't have a girlfriend for a week. The first few hours were great. I made plans without thinking about anyone else, I decided to go to the cinema with my flatmates, then changed my mind, and went a computer fair at Stratford.Spent £50, bought a wireless keyboard, memory for my PC, and an extension lead for the broadband router. With the extra memory, my PC is running like clockwork, and the extension lead meant I could place the wireless router on a higher shelf, and now, it seems that all my connection problems are gone. My next project will be getting better speakers for my PC, and a faster Wireless card, so I can get a 154 Mbps connection (right now, I'm on 54 Mbps). I also bought another game.

It was on sale for £10. would have bought the 2004 version, but my PC doesn't have a graphics card, and I had played this back in Nigeria, and knew it ran on average PCs quite well. Only, I had been playing Unreal Tournament 2003, Game of the Year Edition. Which is a completely different game. But this game looks like it will give me many hours of fun.

Played for less than 15 minutes. Put it aside. When the lovely girlfriend came on to Yahoo Messenger, I was too tempted, and ended up chatting with her. So it seems our mini-feud is over.

Work again tomorrow.....

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