Silly me….

I should be sleeping. But I decided to try and play Unreal (just one game!) online, only to find that I need to download several MBs of addons for almost any server I tried to join. So I'm downloading them now in the background. So let me babble on a bit......

I decided to try out the Firefox web browser today, after reading a few rave reviews and an article on it on BBC News today. Basically, it's the main competitor to Internet Explorer, it's Open Source and it's GREAT. You can open different pages in tabs, and be on several pages at the same time. And it's imported all my cookies, passwords and faves from Internet Explorer !! I'm going to try out their email program soon.........so is this goodbye Microsoft? I've been a strong MS supporter for ages (As an Micorsoft Certified Systems Engineer, you'd expect that), but I may be beginning to sway..........

Harry Redknapp has resigned !! what a shame. He's one of the managers I actually respect. Maybe he should get the England job?

I love this statistics thing on 20Six. You can check which keywords people have put into search engines to get to your site. Last month, it was dominated with people searching for advice on Visa Applications, and Nigerians.

This time around, it's dominated by my one night on TV (X-Factor) and the pictures, and my mental arangle on whether to get the Xbox or the Playstation.

Key Phrases

xbox vs playstation94.1 %
boso83.6 %
funny pictures73.1 %
emlyn hughes jokes62.7 %
hillsong church london62.7 %
hillsong church52.2 %
x factor cassie pics41.8 %
perfect 1041.8 %
xbox vs playstation 231.3 %
funny baboon pictures31.3 %
Other phrases16474.8 %

Key words

221 different keywordsSearchPercent
x698.3 %
factor698.3 %
pictures465.5 %
cassie263.1 %
hillsong242.9 %
the232.7 %
pics212.5 %
funny202.4 %
xbox202.4 %
playstation172 %
Other words49259.4 %

Ah, Cassie......don't worry, it'll all work out !!

As for the Xbox vs. Playstaion 2, I've kinda decided to go for the Xbox(seduced by the Halo 2 ads on TV), but I still don't feel 100% confident. The new Playstation 2 simply looks STUNNING. Should buy the 'winning console' on December 17th. Advice anyone?

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