OK, got my broadband working...well, to an extent. Unfortunately, the extension to my room that I painstakingly waited at home for on Thursday...is coated with aluminium which kills the ADSL signal. So the wireless router has to stay downstairs....in the basement. Not good. Signal is not exactly the best....but what can I do? Next month, I'll buy a better network card and see how it all pans out. But for now.....this is it. With the broadband, I have decided to do personal internet stuff at home now, and concentrate on work. My boss made a comment today, which I interpreted as me not pulling my weight. So that means that blogging will henceforth be a nocturnal activity.

So....I don't wanna make this post too long (cos that means no one will read it), so I'll summarise what I've been doing since Thursday:

Thursday: Didn't get to much. Worked with landlord to put a phone extension in my room (which sadly was a waste of time). Tackled the mountain of laundry in my room (washing and ironing). My dad was meant to come back from Paris, but he called at night to say he couldn't make it till Friday. That complicated our plans for Friday....meant to go to Glouscester to see my brother.

Friday: Tried to buy my PC at Currys. They were out of stock. Waited for dad to rest a little. Left home around 11am. Got to Swindon at 1.15....only to find we had missed our connecting train by 10 minutes. The next train was at 3.25 !! Great. Luckily my bro and his girlfriend drove down to Swindon to pick us up. We went out for a bite...got back, flat tyre. Long day. Got home around midnight.

Saturday: Good thing I didn't buy my PC at Currys. The spec at PC World was a lot better for a similar price.(This one has a DVD-RW! Bargain for £400). I was given a pack of empty CDs for free. Set it up, and tried to sort out the broadband. That didn't work. Tried and tried and tried. Couldn't figure it out.

Sunday: After reading the support pages of the ISP, I figured that the extension cable was at fault. Went to the source of the phone line in the basement and it worked !! However, it's a bit far from my room, and so it's not exactly ideal. But at least, I've got broadband at home.......

Monday: Back to work. It seems my boss has realised I'm struggling with my job, and he made a comment about sending me for training to make me more effective. My new aim is to try and read up as much as I can, so that I can show him I don't need training................maybe that will impress him. Impress the boss = Get a good review = PAY RISE in December 2005 (Hey, I like to plan ahead !)

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