Lock up your daughters (It’s my day off tomorrow) !!

It's been mad today. I've been running around like a headless chicken since 8am. I've got a document to submit by 4pm that I haven't started working on yet. I've got to send out 2 emails to the entire company explaining some stuff I did last night. THANK GOD I'VE GOT THE REST OF THE WEEK OFF.

Just confirmed that I'm getting paid on Friday. So that means I buy my PC on Saturday. I have to go to the gym on Thursday or Saturday, will decide on that. Thursday: I've got a HEAP of laundry to so. Also, I should be doing an extension for the phone in my house for my room, and I've got a choir rehearsal at 7.30 pm. Friday: Got to go down to Gloucester with my dad to see my younger bro. Saturday: New PC. Need to set up broadband connection before my housemate eats my head off.

Back to the grind on Monday. So I guess I'll be doing limited blogging till Monday (well, till Sunday, when I get broadband!)..

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