In between belt holes…..

The last 2 weeks or so, my trousers have been falling off me. As I've been losing weight, I've been going down a few belt holes. However, evey now and then, you get to a point where you're 'in-between' belt holes, where one is a bit too tight, and the other is a bit too loose. So I assumed that was what was happening again, and ignored it. This morning however, I 'struggled' to try and get to the next hole, only to take off the belt and find out I was on the last hole !! It's official, my belt is too small for me !! I'm loosing weight !! Yay !!

I don't like weighing myself regularly, as when I find that I haven't lost any, I get dissapointed, so I'd rather this kind of stuff encourage me. So I'm using a brand new belt today. Well, not totally brand new. I bought it 2 years ago, and it was too small for me. but I kept it. For a day like today. And I'm on the 2nd hole on that one already !!


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