I just noticed something

Something happened at the gym today that overshadowed the excitement and euphoria of my first unsupervised gym session. Something that made me stop and think....

After my workout, I went into the changing rooms. As I moved towards my locker, there was a guy dressing up, who made a hissing noise and gave me a really horrible look, and then packed all his stuff and went to dress up on the other side of the room. I was a bit puzzled, as the place he 'moved to' was even more crowded. Was I oozing body odour? Nope, but even if I was, it was a gym !! Then it hit me....

That look in his eyes, I had seen it before. And it all made sense. I looked round the dressing room. I was the only black person there. My mind went back to my entire time in the gym today....and there was no other black person in the gym. My mind went back even further in time to my previous 3 visits to the gym. And there were no black people either. Bugger. All of a sudden, I felt self-concious. I felt so different. I felt.....out of place.

In the city, most black people are security guards, or cleaners. So for a black city worker in a city gym, I guess it's new for some folk. In my office, I'm the only black person. Out of 60 people. But even on the other 3 or 4 offices in our building, I haven't seen any other black person who isn't a cleaner or security guard. But I've never felt out of place at work. Not once. I've been made to feel like one of the gang. As I walked out of the gym, and to the tube station, I kept an eye out. And for the entire 10 minute journey, I was the only black guy in sight........

I thought that there were a lot more black people in the city, but I guess I'm mistaken. There are a few Asians though.....4 in my office. A few in the gym even.

It's a shame that guy didn't want to dress up near me....Actually, maybe it's a good thing. I needed the space

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