Gym tonight

One of the things I love about 20Six is the ability to blog by email. So I can blog at work, and everyone thinks I'm typing an email....how cool is that !!

Tonight will be my first unsupervised session in the gym. I'm a bit anxious.....but I hope it goes well. Was in two minds about going tonight, as someone is coming to speak at church that I would really like to hear, however, there are not going to be enough seats for everyone, so I'll do the honourable thing, and let someone else get a seat. (Or avoid getting there, and getting turned back at the door !) So let's see how it will go. It will also be my first FULL session, and should take 40 minutes in total (apart from waiting for free spaces on the machines).

Some people in the office have started taking bets on how long it will take for me to give up. They don't know me at all...................

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