Dreams can come true….

Today, I had to go to Oxford Street, and I made a slight detour, to get a delicious Subway sandwich. As I stood in the queue, I wished there was a Subway closer to my office. The closest one is at Liverpool Street, which is a 20 minute walk !! I enjoyed my sandwich.

On my way to the gym, I was walking with someone, so I took a slighty different route. I've been cooking my own lunch (at home), so I don't go out much during my break. And I saw it. The subway logo.

I went closer.

And it's true. On Fenchurch Street. Opening on Monday the 29th. Free sandwiches on Monday. I CAN'T WAIT.

Gym went beautifully today. I did 13 minuutes on the treadmill without stopping, for the first time !! OK, I only did half of it at the speed the instructor asked me to use, but I'm still chuffed. All my other exercises went really well, and I think my fitness levels have actually improved !! YIPPEE !!

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