OK, I've got a new wireless keyboard and mouse.

My table is so uncluttered with fewer cables running about.
It looks kinda cool in a nerdy way.

The keyboard and mouse need to have a direct line of path to the receiver. So after placing CDs and stuff in the way, you have to clear it up (Might help me keep my table tidy, but HEY !)
The response time when playing Unreal isn't very good. To play the game seriously, I'll need to revert to the wired keyboard and mouse.

But after spending £20 on the wireless keyboard and mouse, it would seem like such a waste !! I already have 2 keyboards, 1 Antivirus package, 1 USB Wireless Network Card, all barely used, all useless to me. Will flog off the USB Network Card on Ebay....but I can't go on like this !! And to top it up I'm SKINT.....

OK, on my way home......will decide what to do later.

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