Work, work and more work

I've been really, really busy today. In fact it's almost criminal.

Last night was a blast. I sang through my sore throat, and jumped on my very sore feet till we finished the recording at about 10.15pm. It was just great. And from somewhere inside, we still found the strength to sing one more song (ALL DAY, currently a favourite in church), just for the hell of it. But I was all sore and all at the end of it, although I didn't really care. I'm so excited about the program, as we are sure it will potray the church (the entire church, not just my church) in a new way. Meanwhile, someone recognized me from the blog at the recording!! ....details at the end of this post.

When I got home last night, I realised I was catching a cold. Woke up super late this morning (by my standards!), at 7.15pm! Rushed through everything, and managed to get to work at exactly 9am !! Which was good, because a car was waiting to take me to a showroom to see some new equipment we're meant to buy. It took almost 45 minutes (all within Central London) to get there, and to my surprise, it was next door to the building we use for choir rehearsals on Thursdays !! What a coincidence. Had a long chat about the stuff we wanted to buy, and finally got to the office around 11.30pm. No time to fool around though, as some rewiring was being done, my boss was well and truly getting his hands dirty, and I slugged it out with him till about 1.30pm, when I took off time for lunch. We've had a lot of deliveries this week, so it was installing, installing, installing, I've only just taken some time off to relax a bit. The IT unit now has a 1 GBps network up and running, and we're installing Blackberry for our directors. New digital phone switch, I could go on and on, but that's nor what you're interested in, is it?

Anyway, back to the recognition thing....just before we started last night, I went to the loo, and on my way out, a guy walks up to me and asks "Excuse me, are you Boso?". I was in a total state of shock, but I managed to say "Yeeee..sss..., how did you know?". "I was on your website today!". Apparently, he had done a search for "Songs of Praise" and "Hillsong Church" and got my blog. How exciting. In a good way of course. Also, someone who I haven't seen since 1994 found my blog and sent me an email yesterday as well........so....this blog is making me famous. (I wish)

According to my statistics, most people who visit this site (88.1%), stay on for less than 30 seconds. They are probably searching for something, and Google/Jeeves gets them here, and they realise that this isn't what they're looking for. Or maybe they see my horrible pic, and close the page in shock (no need to scare the kids!).

Today, I've got a horrible cold, headache, and I'm generally feeling very tired. And I still managed to put in a lot of work. Hopefully, by Monday, it will all have cleared, and I'll be back to my naughty self.

Anyway, have a great weekend people !!

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