Superman is dead

Yup. This morning was the first day of my new routine, waking up 15 minutes earlier so I can catch the news (still under the duvet of course, but it gives my brain to catch up with my body, or is it the other way round?). Anyway, while I was half-awake (or half asleep to some), the news begun to filter through that Chistopher Reeve, aka Superman had died. As a kid, the Superman movie was probably the first non-cartoon I ever saw, so Reeve was a personal hero of mine. Sad news indeed. What surprised me the most was the fact that by the time I'd gone and had a shower, the news station (the beeb) had already done a complete story out of the whole thing, including clips from the movies, his life as a paralyzed man, everything. All before 7am in the morning. Impressive.

Weekend was good, had my usual choir duty, Saturday night and Sunday morning. I suspect a few changes in the roster will be made this week, will find out before Thursday. (hopefully). the Songs of Praise recording is on Wednesday and Thursday, I watched the program yesterday, and it was mainly hymn singing. Wow, will everyone be in for a shock when Hillsong Church are on, 'cause it's real comtemporary music, almost Rock 'n' Roll type stuff!! We're all excited about it, and we're found out that the BBC is even more excited about it....which is cool. This is going to be the first time they've staryed from the very comteporary format of the show, and no one knows for sure how it will be received. The Show is going on 'The Sunday in the Run-up to Xmas'. Need to find my diary to figure out the exact date and set the Video recorder in advance.

I've got 2 new addictions. I couldn't help myself....I fell in love and I'm hooked.

Addiction 1: The Afro-Celt Sound System. It's a mix of African rhythms with Celtic music. Two of my favourite types of music. blended together in a cadence*  (I've always wanted to use that word!!) that is simply heavenly.

Addiction 2: This game !! I found it on someone's blog last week, and I just can't get enough of it. It's not like it's a great game or spectacular, it's just bloody addictive.

* Cadence - When I finally form/join a singing group, this is what I plan to call it. Just in case you see us in the charts, you heard it here first !!

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